Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Check out these historic sites in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is known for having tons of exhibits and exciting sights to stop and see, but it's more than just celebrities and interesting shops! From a witch’s home to pits that held onto the bones of animals for thousands of year's, each of these destinations will surprise and intrigue you!

These are the top historical sites to check out in Los Angeles.

The Eames House

Charles and Ray Eames are world-famous designers who put together the beautiful Eames houses in the mid-1950s. Open for tours every day; this beautiful mid-century modern home had gained a name for itself as one of the most visually striking properties of you can see within the county. Although if it ever hit the market, it would be one of the most expensive Los Angeles homes for sale in history: getting to see it feels nearly as good.

The Goldenstein House

The Sheats-Goldstein home is a gorgeous property that was built in the early 1960s by famous American architect John Lautner. Just a short distance from Beverly Hills, this fantastic feat of shape and form looks like a piece of art from all angles and is one of the most beautiful homes in the county. Although tours aren't open to the public, driving by and catching a glimpse of it from the outside is worth it, there's no other building quite like this.

La Brea Tar Pits

If you have an interest in history and incredible natural phenomena, it's time to check out the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum. These tar puts offered up one of the most intact versions of a mammoth hat that have ever been found and are assumed to hold onto the bones of many other incredibly preserved bones of trapped animals. Although it's no risk to you if you stay at the right side of the fence, it can be chilling to know how many creatures died in these pits.

The “American Horror Story” House

If you have seen the twisted and spooky first season of the highly popular American Horror Story, you'll recognize this home instantly. Valued at 3.2 million dollars, this home was arguably the main character in the first season of this anthology show that continues to grow and change to this day. Although there's no telling if the real house is haunted, it's now one of the most popular tourist stops for anyone who wants to enjoy seeing a property in person that they’d only seen on television before!

The Witch’s House

Built for Willat Studios back in 1920, this home was originally built as set for a new version of Hansel and Gretel. Also known as the Spadina home, this property is known for its gorgeous mix of whimsy and purposely dilapidation that makes it look like drawing from a children’s book dropped into the real world. This is a fantastic property everyone should consider visiting!

LA County has something for everyone. Consider making a stop in any of these destinations! You'll love every moment of exploring one of the most interesting counties in the country.

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