Friday, November 19, 2021

Online game I play to kill time as I wait in line whenever I travel

Behind me is the infamous Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso, California, USA.

As a travel enthusiast, online games play an important role in keeping me entertained when I travel, most often while waiting to board a plane at the airport, or while waiting in line to kill time. Waiting is the most boring part of my travels, and sometimes it is better to do some activities to get past an hour or two. To do this, I read books and play online games. The site I usually visit to see free browser-based online games is Plays.Org.

Super Mario is loading.

offers a wide array of the most-loved online games I used to grow up with. I looked into it and found a library of free games designed to give fun, catering to various genres of games suitable for kids and adults who are young at heart like me. Since I discovered this, I have considered this my go-to site for playing games. It is directly accessed on the site, and downloading an application is never needed, so I navigated it so easily. 

Welcome interface.

The best game I found on this site that I am really fond of is Super Mario Rush: Endless Run Game. In this, the main character, Super Mario, is journeying to different places, stages, and levels. So he is like a wanderer trying to fulfill his mission: to save the love of his life, Princess Peach. Here, he collects coins, crosses rivers, and jumps to the top of the pole to get the flags to proceed onto the next level.

Mario collecting coins.

To be honest, growing up, I invested (or wasted) so much of my time playing this game—the original Super Mario. I even asked my father to buy me a Nintendo Gameboy to toy religiously. I was—and still am—addicted to playing Super Mario. Seeing it on this site and playing it again while traveling is kind of nostalgic. It brings back memories of my childhood friends, with whom I played and spent time. Not only did this game entertain me, but it also left an emotional attachment with me. The bond I have got from this feels pretty strong.

I beat my own record.

As a travel blogger, playing online games is convenient for me—it kills my boredom, develops my skills, makes me strategic, enhances my mental disability, and relieves my stress when I travel. 

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