Monday, March 15, 2021

Of waves and tides

A poem about living an onerous, stressful life in the midst of a pandemic while gradually trying to get back on my own two feet and be really okay. Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, California, USA.

In the middle of the sea, 

I'm lost and drowning,

fighting for my life,

swimming in waves and tides,

believing I can, again,

set foot on sand.

I wade through water,

swim as far as I can go,

use all my energy

to make it half way to the coast.

Yet, the sea pulls me back

from where I'm supposed to be.

Waves by waves,

tides by tides,

I suddenly lose a sense of sight.

My soul starts

to mislay its confidence.

I have lost my reason to fight.

For a time,

I forget my direction,

but still,

I remember my motivation.

Shall I go on

to my final destination?

I need to carry through,

I have to move forward,

not to stop rising and falling,

like the constant sound

of waves crashing on rocks,

of tides gushing into the shore.

(c) California, USA, 2021

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