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A popular yet uncrowded Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort: Where nature meets adventure.
For those who like fun-filled activities like obstacle courses and nature games, I have just the perfect place - the popular yet uncrowded destination, Mountain Lake Resort. Situated at the famous Caliraya Lake, it ranks as the go-to resort of Cavinti, Laguna. Surrounded by the body of water, this 300-hectare getaway makes you rethink all the activities you have in mind after seeing all the things you can do - be it extreme or chill. This is a place where you can go back to the domain of life, and to contemplate and relax while you enjoy an exciting adventure with nature.

Floating boathouse

The floating boathouse I spent my night with.

My rustic boathouse.
To experience a totally different stay, I chose to spend my night in a floating boathouse. The rustic boathouse resembled a typical recreational summer house, afloat on the lake and made with reclaimed materials: bunches of dried cogon grass, covered with a green net on the roof, planks of bamboos and nipas inside and outside the wall; and blocks of solid woods in the floor. The room was modest, colored in brown and exquisitely decorated in a classic Pinoy style. The air was fresh and cool inside the room as I welcomed the vibe of living simply in a bahay-kubo.

Front view of the floating boathouse.

My simple bed.
The toilet, located outside the boathouse, is also made of reclaimed materials.

The bed, built from bamboo and queen-sized, made good my choice to linger in the boathouse for someone like me who, for almost a quarter of my life, has spent living in the jungle city. I slept so soundly (literally and figuratively), feeling at ease and comfortable in resting here for the first time. More often than not, being away from my comfort zone results in shallow, broken sleep. But not here. I had a good, wakeless sleep in the boathouse.

Other rooms

Ms. Zielly, PR Manager of Mountain Lake Resort, bikes and poses in front of the lobby. 

From the lobby until you reach the clubhouse, the tropical vibe is something you don't want to miss. Their accommodations lead you to the clubhouse, wherein you will experience most of the services the resort offers. One of the high-rated services of Mountain Lake Resort is their specially-prepared, clean, and comfortable hotel rooms. There are various types of rooms you may choose from. They offer 21 rooms of various sizes and prices. These well-lit and ventilated rooms feature a satellite/ cable television, mini fridge, hot and cold shower, smoke detector and air condition. You can choose from deluxe, superior, and family rooms, and their special Amihan cottages.

Recreational activities

Hanging bridge.

Aerial shot of us forming a circle.

I climbed the top. Palo sebo.

Swam in the lake.

Yes, I ride a jetski. 

Fishing in the veranda.

Want to stay outdoor? Go glamping! 

Go kart.

My second try to play golf.

Jerny and I played bubble soccer. I won over him.
Mountain Lake Resort is a one-stop adventure zone for visitors who love outdoors. From its fly-in-the-sky zipline to crossing its hanging bridge, and to its challenging obstacle course - slide and drop, wall climb and slide, tire challenge, cable balance, karate kid, tarzan swing, military crawl, log crossing, horseback riding,  and palo sebo - the resort has all your outdoor favorites. For the adventurous Juans, the resort has also these fun-filled activities: kayaking, boating adventure, river cruising, fishing, glamping, biking, duck feeding, and jetski. The main and most-visited attraction, the golf course, offers thrills for their sport-loving visitors. It is an Arnold Pamer 18-hole golf course built around the mesmerizing Caliraya lake. If you are a solitude-loving type of person, their Jacuzzi and massage rooms are surely for you. Their bath springs bring relaxation to your whole body and mind. They also offer Karaoke rooms for those visitors who want to sing their hearts out.; and game rooms for mind-boggling yet fun games. The all-aged water activity favorite is also here - their clear and wide swimming pool.

La Cucina de Caliraya

After all these activities, your adventure wouldn't be complete without satisfying your cravings and filling your stomach with all-time hard-to-resist, classic Pinoy food from La Cucina de Caliraya. From a price range of 250 - 590 pesos, you can enjoy your favorite sisig, menudo, crispy pata, bulalo, among others.

How to get there

By bus

Going there is actually easy! From Cubao, take a bus heading for Pagsawitan, about a two-to-three hour ride. In Pagsawitan Terminal, ride a jeepney or tricycle going to Lumot. From there, you reach the Caliraya Springs Golf and Marina Resort Complex. Alternatively, take a ride on the Sta. Cruz bound bus of HM Transit in Edsa or Green Star at LRT-Taft Ave. 

By private car


Take SLEX and exit at the Bucal bypass. Turn left at Ayala Greenfileds and reach Bucal. Straight ahead until reaching Pagsanjan. On this T-road, turn left ton Lumba then drive to Y-road, then turn right. Arrive at the destination.

Via Rizal

From EDSA, take Ortigas Ave, turn right at the first intersection after Cainta Junctions towards Taytay. Take the main highway bound for Laguna, pass through eight municipalities of Rizal. Make a U-turn in Brgy. Bagong Silang Lumban to start ascending to Caliraya Lake.

Mountain Lake Resort
Brgy. East Talungan, Cavinti, Laguna
(02) 257 2244

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