Friday, March 8, 2019

Photoworld Asia: Envisioning the world and future through photographs

Photoworld Asia 2019 kicks off its week-long event with photo exhibit at Glorietta Ayala Malls in Makati on January 31, 2019. Photo credits to Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.

Diversity, culture, and beauty in all its forms—in a long panoramic shot.

Wouldn't that be worthy of a closer look?

These seconds of closer looks eventually may turn into days of amusement and delight as the greatest places and stories come to life in a span of a week. During this time, a panorama has been brought to life as the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation enthusiastically presents Photoworld Asia.

PWA 2019 Chairman Toto Celzo speaks to formally open Photoworld Asia 2019. Photo credits Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.

Photoworld Asia, a photography conference, promotes innovation, diversity, and excellence, which, for the past three decades, has taken us to the next level to give us a high quality photography event. Below are just five of the reasons why Photoworld Asia is more than just worthy to be regarded as the best event of the year for photographers—both newbie and professional.

First and foremost, Photoworld Asia is literally the rock of ages. For the past three decades, the event has been a fusion of time-tested excellence and of the latest photography breakthroughs and innovations offered to a wider audience. Yearly, the most successful camera manufacturers and suppliers, together with world-renowed individuals in the field of photography, work hand-in-hand in showcasing the latest trends that will surely awaken the photographer in all of us. Companies from different part of the world of enthralling technologies and advancements.

Secondly, Photoworld Asia has been giving us the ability to travel through photographs. Through promoting the art of photography, FPPF takes every attendee, in a matter of moments, from the highlands to the lowlands of the best places in the county and from around the world. Their photography trade shows create an inviting atmosphere by giving us the chance to immerse ourselves in the thousands of different stories told by photographs taken at different time intervals. Traveling has been brought to a personal level where each attendee could wander around the world's best places through the photo exhibits. Photographers from various places around the country have been promoting not just the aesthetics of photography as an art form, but also the beauty of diversity in culture, beliefs, and stories. These photographers transform their passion into flickers that reach far more than our conciousness.

Chris Malinao, FPPF instructor, enjoys PWA 2019 exhibit. Photo credits to Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.

Thirdly, the five-day Photoworld Asia is more that what its title says. Not just about the world of photos, it also offers a universe of excellent and high quality training from experts from all over the country. Through seminars, these experts, equipped with years of experience in the field of photography, have been more than willing to share their most unique and informing experiences inside, or even outside, their job platforms. This suits not just potential photographers, but it also reaches a wider range of audiences, from the youth to the more experienced.

Fourthly, empowering experiences from professional photographers add to the reasons why Photoworld Asia is an event you'd never want to miss. Different talks from experts invoke the inspiration that each of us—whether a beginner or experienced, or just a lover of photographs—as the capability to get into a field that we knew before as only for professionals. We know that photos recount stories, and stories invoke inspiration. But photos are more than the stories that they tell—they're access points that lead us to a photographer's personal inspiration and experience. Through these moments, we learn more than just the techniques. From the shutter to our own personal spaces, we also learn life-long ideas and principles.

Last but by no means the least, Photoworld Asia brings us the idea that photography is an art form for everyone. Their events remind us that more than just the aesthetics, our memories are alive in each and every photograph we take. Our minds may fail in fully remembering experiences, but photography instills in us the idea that each moment is unique from different lenses. Photographs are embodiments of more than the words and the stories. They are who we are, and as long as the shutters click and the flash flickers.

Photoworld Asia 2019 delegates at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati. Photo credits to Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.

Zoom in on the world. Push the shutter to capture the perfect scene. And let's explore what's inside and outside the shots.

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