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Maxx Hotel Makati: A sweet escape within reach

Nature-inspired room of Maxx Hotel Makati. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
Mar was waiting for me in his car for quite some minutes. After I arrived and got his car, we crawled along the monstrous traffic of Manila, passing through several stoplights. Slow down. Stop. Go. Slow down. Stop. Go. This went on for a while as we drove our way to Intramuros to meet a friend for project collaboration.

After the meeting, we looked forward to having a restful staycation at the Maxx Hotel in Makati. Maxx Hotel, an eleven-story, 48-room business-and-leisure hotel, lies in the heart of busy Makati Avenue. Interestingly, the spot is accessible to the business central district and to nearby major establishments. I'd say the owner studied very accurately not only its strategic location, but also its market segmentation.

Electronic key card.
This 3-star hotel started its operation last year. As you enter the reception area, it seems redolent with the smell of aromatic blended coffee from neighboring Luna Specialty Coffee. Though the lobby is small, it still gives an inviting ambiance to anyone who fancies spending a night or two in this restful cradle in the bustling city.


Lit by orangish light bulbs designed with metal covering to create an optical illusion, the capacious rooms of Maxx Hotel Makati reveal a warm comfort. A painting of green leaves attached to the wall above the headboard gives an additional earthy spirit. On the front wall, with its concrete finish, guests will find a flatscreen smart television.

Restful stay at Urban Room of Maxx Hotel. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
For a wonderful stay, rooms are fully equipped with standard amenities: a reliable Wi-Fi access, a work desk with an ergonomic swivel chair, a telephone, an in-room electronic safe, and a centralized climate control system to ensure comfort and air quality. For refreshments, rooms come with complimentary bottled water, a mini-refrigerator, and an express coffee machine for the perfect cup of hot coffee at the touch of a button. To freshen up, rooms also ensure hot and cold showers, toiletries, and bath towels.

Toiletries of Maxx Hotel. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
There is nothing extravagant in this hotel--it is homey, but not plain. The jacuzzi in the penthouse, which has a view of the Makati skyline, is a welcome cozy amenity. The Maxx Hotel aims to give comfortable, affordable, and quality accommodations for both business and leisure stay.

The jacuzzi at the roof deck, overlooking Makati Skyline. Photo by Mariano Sayno.

Luna Specialty Cafe

Luna Specialty Coffee at Maxx Hotel. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
Meals are not included in the hotel stay. But you need not worry about where to eat or drink because Luna Specialty Coffee, located on the ground floor of the hotel beside the lobby, is ready to satisfy your appetite with its wide selection of coffee, meals (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and alcoholic beverages. Luna Specialty Coffee serves latte, macchiato, espresso, cappuccino, brewed black coffee, among others. The shop also serves liquors that will awaken the party animal in you.

He makes coffee for us. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
When Mar and I had our dinner, there was an event upstairs, on the second level of the cafe. There were bands singing and a group of independent film actors celebrating for their job-well-done movie. We listened to the sound of Original Pinoy Music while waiting for our orders to be served.

Avel, who was the supervising manager then, attended our table and shared a seat with us for a while. He was attentive and warm and accommodating, making sure that all the orders, including ours, were taken care of and that all the tables received the best quality of their customer service.

I had sweet and spicy tapa (295) topped with fried sunny-side-up eggs. I liked its texture and crispness. Mar ordered spicy pork (295). I decided to forego any alcoholic beverages that night since I needed to attend a planning and brainstorming meeting the next morning. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the satiating dinner.

Breakfast meal of Luna Specialty Coffee.

For our breakfast, we ordered simple meals: crispy bacon (245) topped with fried sunny-side-up eggs and pork adobo (245) topped with hard-boiled eggs. For drinks, we liked the brewed black coffee (barako) (130) and the espresso macchiato (120) served to us. We ate nothing fancy, yet our tummies, having the most important meal of the day, were full and satisfied.

Espresso macchiato. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
Brewed black coffee. Photo by Mariano Sayno.

Final Verdict

With the rush-hour traffic in Manila on a Friday afternoon, Maxx Hotel Makati became a sweet escape for us. It came like a hideaway to our knackered beings. The modernity of its surroundings offered us a place of style and intimate comfort. Thus, its proximity is within reach. Truly, Maxx Hotel Makati--its warm staff and contemporary offerings--provided us a sweet escape within reach.

Maxx Hotel Makati
7817 Makati Avenue corner Singian Street, makati City, 1210 Philippines
+63 2 810 6299

Luna Specialty Coffee
7817 Makati Avenue corner Singian Street, Makati City, 1210 Philippines

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