Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts: A private, exclusive stay at Casa Primera Villa 4

During daytime, this is Casa Primera Villa 4. Photo captured by Jherson Jaya of  Lonely Travelogue.

Pansol is a community well-known for its hot springs. Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts, situated at the foot of Mount Makiling and bordered by the municipalities of Los Baños and Calamba, is a family-owned hot spring resort that offers four minimalist but capacious villas. Each villa is separate from each other, providing a private and exclusive experience to enjoy. As of now, only four villas are operating. There are two more soon-to-open villas, and these two are named Casa Tropica Villa 1 and 2, respectively.

Casa Primera Villa 4. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts is a great place to chill, with a relaxing and calming ambiance even for a big group - may it be for families, barkadas, or officemates - at a reasonable price. With its proximity to Manila, roughly a two-hour drive away from the bustling city, the resort is one of the most-visited weekend getaways, making advanced reservation a requirement. The resort doesn't accept walk-ins, and bookings must be made online.

The adult and kiddie swimming pools. Photo by Jherson Jaya of Lonely Travelogue.

Casa Primera Villa 4

Relaxing by the pool. Photo by Jherson Jaya of Lonely Travelogue.

Going inside the Casa Primera Villa 4, you will find tropical Chinese bamboos, welcoming and enticing, growing tall on one side. You will immediately notice the pleasant simplicity of the place - a private, exclusive haven to loosen up, cool off, and ponder.

The rooms

Three queen-sized beds in Room A. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

The whole Casa Primera Villa 4 can accommodate 45-50 pax, ideally perfect for big family gatherings, barkada reunions, and officemate team buildings. Inside, there are five spacious rooms: Room A, a suite with 3 queen-sized beds, can accommodate 6 people. Opposite of the suite are two bathrooms, and a kitchen. Beside of the room are the common area with two long brown tables and chairs, and an entertainment videoke - for someone, like me, who loves belting out a song. Room A is located on the ground, fronting the mini playground for kids and closely adjacent to the hot spring pool.

Three bunk beds in Room B. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista

Kids are going to enjoy this mini playground set. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

Me singing Next in Line. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

Rooms B, C, D, and E are on the second floor. Room B, a big family room with 3 bunk beds, can accommodate 12 people. Rooms C, D, and E, each room with 2 bunk beds, can accommodate 8 people in each room. Each room is fully furnished, has a centralized air conditioning system, has respective comfort rooms with sink, hot and cold shower, and a bidet. However, since Rooms C and D are interconnected, these two rooms share one comfort room. All the rooms have television with cable. Also attached are USBs from which you could choose different genres of movies.

The comfort room comes with shower with heater, toilet bowl, sink, and a bidet. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

Two bunk beds at Room E. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

As an added value, Rooms A and B have floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, allowing guests a majestic view of Mount Makiling as a backdrop.

Recreational activities

Do you want to play billiards? Or table tennis? Or darts? Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

If you are not fond of soaking in the hot springs pool but you are good at playing indoor games, other recreational activities such as billiards, table tennis, and darts can be played on the balcony of the second floor.

The hot spring pools

From the roof deck, Lisa took this photo while we go swimming. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

Me soaking at the hot spring pool. Photo by Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad of Pinay Travelista.

The villa has a 5-foot swimming pool and a kiddie pool - both featuring hot springs water pumped 120 feet from the ground below. Here, you can be assured that the water is fresh and contains no chlorine, unlike any other hot spring resorts that cause allergies to their guests. In fact, you can swim with eyes wide open, even underwater, without worrying about your eyes getting red. Moreover, the hot springs water is refreshing and is believed to be therapeutic.

The staff
Jherson took a photo of Milet and I while we are having our dinner. Photo by Jherson Jaya of Lonely Travelogue.
Carlo and Reese, the owner of Casa Primera, toured us at under construction site of Villa Tropica Villa 1 and 2.
From left to right: Ruel Umali, Carlo Rojas, Reese Rojas, Joane Pangilinan, Allandale Antenero, Milet Miranda, Jerny Descamento, Mary Jane, Lisa Marie Mirasol-Sicad and Josiah Sicad. Photo by Josiah Sicad of Lakas ng Trip.

The staff assigned in Villa 4 are very accommodating with warm welcome. They are attentive to the needs of their guests, to ensure that guests experience the best of the villa. The staff are to be commended for providing quality hospitality services.

For Villa rates

Casa Primera Hot Spring` Resorts is true to its promise in providing a private, exclusive stay for their clients. Please refer to the website of Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts for rates per villa.

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts
Daang Pag-ibig St. Nayong Maharlika Village, Barangay Pansol, Calamba, Laguna, 4027
+63 917 538 9849


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    1. You should visit Casa Primera, The Daily Sunlight. I’m sure you will have so much fun! Thanks for reading my blogpost.

  2. Allandale; what an eye-popping place buddy. Beautiful.

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