Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Eight reasons why you should travel

Fishermen are boating in the sea of Zamboanga City.

Aside from the pure joy it brings, traveling can change you radically. Your perception of the world can be greatly transformed you, allowing yourself to follow your inner wanderlust soul. Thus, listed down eight reasons why you should travel.

Traveling is a great way to unwind

This photo was taken at Nirwana Garden Resort in Bintan Island, Indonesia.
You are trapped in the daily hustle and bustle of city life. Every day, you need to juggle work, school, family, and social life. These, for sure, attract stress to you . So once in a while, you need to take a break from your stressful life (because too much stress can kill you, you know?!). And do you know what is the best way to detoxify? Go to the beach!

Traveling provides you a different perspective of life

This journey has taught me a different perspective of life. Sitting at the summit of Mt. Eden made me realize that I am just a small creature compared to this big, beautiful world. I recognized that the world, not just revolving around me; that million of people on Earth are existing. Learning that I am a piece of a jigsaw puzzle is such a humbling experience.
Have you ever seen your city from the top of a mountain? Well, if you have not, you will be surprised by how small they look up there. Those towering buildings, sosyal establishments, big houses... they all look the same up there. Small. Insignificant. Nothing. So when you feel small, or when people are trying to bring you down, climb a mountain, and you will realize that everything has an equal significance.

Traveling makes you appreciate the beauty around

At the foot of waterfalls buffet restaurant at Villa Escudero.
Nature is the beauty you oftentimes fail to recognize because you are too busy trying to survive. But it is important to pause, and appreciate life has to offer. Beaches, lakes, waterfalls, caves, rivers, valleys, mountains, and among others. Mother nature has blessed you with spectrum of amazing places to visit. It is up to you whether you want to see these places and experience them up close or not. You only get to live once, spend your time wisely.

Traveling gets you out of your comfort zone

Wanting to conquer her fear in scorpion, Ana Liza touches scorpion.
There will be moments during a trip that you will have to compromise comfort to get the best of the experience. It is okay to get dirty, or feel afraid, or feel uncomfortable especially if, at the end of the day, the only feeling that is left is fulfillment.

Traveling is a great opportunity to meet new people

Presenting the Globe's #Wonderful blog and Instagram winners at the Hobbiton.
The most interesting people you will ever meet along the way are your fellow travelers. These people are from all walks of life.  You do not know them and they do not know you. But one thing that will bind you with them is the amazing travel stories to share, or insights, or even tips you probably have not heard before. If you are lucky, you can get a life advice [or two] from them. Maybe you can have them friends for life even.

Traveling increases your awareness and concern for the environment

Allan plants seeds to prevent the exhaustion of trees in the mountain side of Yangil Village.
It is different when you see and experience the environmental problems firsthand. You will realize that these things you read from books: deforestation, global warming, mining, famine, dynamite fishing, to name a few, they are actually real and are happening. Through traveling, you will understand how you affect the environment and how you can act to prevent such. Protect the nature. Throw your waste in the proper place. These acts are small but can make a big difference. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Act now and be an eco-hero!

Traveling heals

Take a dip at the beach in La Union.
Are you heartbroken? Are you fed-up with toxic people? Are you tired of your country's politics? Traveling is great for your emotional, physical, and mental beings; it is therapeutic. It disconnects you from your stress source and helps you reconnect with yourself. You deserve a break from this toxic world, go somewhere quiet, assess yourself, and free yourself from all the unnecessary baggage you have in your heart. Take time and be healed.

Traveling makes you a better person

Photo taken at Malabrigo White House in Batangas.
This entire blog is built in the foundation that traveling makes you a better person. Traveling greatly improves how you relate and sympathize with other people through broadening your minds. You do not travel because you want to have something to brag on Facebook or Instagram accounts. You travel because through traveling, you gained a part of yourself and lost another. And you would surely keep doing it a million times over if you could.

REMEMBER: You only get one chance at a time in life, cherish it to the fullest, travel while you can, because the world has so much to offer. All you have to do is appreciate the scenery and be appreciative in the beauty.

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