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Taste of Villa Rotana shows at Iftar Preview

Guests are interacting with each other while waiters are serving food.
Ramadan Kareem!

The flourishing Arabic cuisines, savory and flavorful, were showcased at the Iftar Preview on Monday at Villa Rotana's Moka Cafe. The Iftar was attended by Muslim and non-Muslim guests, who enjoyed their second meal of the day after their 15-hour strictly no-drink-no-eat fasting.

Iftar, also known as sawn, an Arabic term meaning "break the fast", is the meal eaten by the Muslims after the sunset during Ramadan. Iftar is characterized as an all-you-can-eat banquet.

Experiencing Villa Rotana's Iftar firsthand

Taking photo of the dishes.
Nestled along the main road of Sheikh Zayed Road, a 3-minute walk away from Business Bay Metro Station, Moka Cafe at Villa Rotana is very accessible to everyone wanting to try its dining experience. There are hundreds of other restaurants and hotels that serve Iftar, but Villa Rotana is one that offers luscious, mouth-watering and delicious dishes at a very affordable price.

Adjacent to the front desk upon entering the hotel, Moka Cafe, with its starry beams and blue luminous lights, gives its guests a casual but active atmosphere to create a memorable dining experience. Designed with simplicity and elegance, Villa Rotana is a perfect venue for social gatherings, meeting friends or simply enjoying the unique local Ramadan culinary culture.

With a wide selection of courses, Villa Rotana serves dishes ranging from modern, char-grilled delicacies to traditional gourmet cuisines, sweet treats to velvety pastries, as well as salads, including local and international flavors. For the appetizer, Moka Cafe offers golden brown Roasted Potato among the savory treats. The French-Moroccan style dish Ratatouille, a stewed vegetable dish mixed with tomatoes as a foundation for sauteed minced garlic and onion, eggplant, cubed bell pepper, marjoram, bay leaf, fennel, and thyme, is one of the main courses. Another main course is the tender Beef Stew, served in traditional style with consistent thick brown sauce and complemented with either Basmati rice, Vermicelli rice or Chicken Biryani. The menu varies daily, which means new tastes to relish every day.

Roasted Potato
Beef Stew
Penne Alfredo
Seafood Stew
For salads, you can create your very own version of vegetable salad using coleslaw, channa chat, condiments and dressings, mixed pickles and pasta; fresh fruit salads were displayed colorfully. Arabic salad is usually chromatic tossed salad dressed with a lemony garlic. It's a delicious and healthy food to eat after a day of fasting. The most famous vegetable salad in the Middle East is Fattoush.

For desserts, if you have sweet tooth, having treats like Arabic sweets, fried pastries, to name a few, were highlighted. The usual ingredients of Arabic sweets are flour, dates, spices, and honey. Kunafa, a vermicelli cheese pastry, is the most requested Ramadan's delicious and sweet tradition.

And, of course, who can forget the dates?! One's Iftar could not be complete without dates and water or yogurt. To avoid feeling bloated, Muslim brothers and sisters who do fasting should start with a light meal and the best food to eat dates. 
Sweet treats: Pastries and Arabic Desserts.
Fresh fruit salads
Vegetable salads ingredients.
With its welcoming staff, Villa Rotana is a perfect venue to observe Iftar, eating tasty food, socializing with friends and families, and embracing the holy month of Ramadan even more.

Villa Rotana
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 321 6111

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