Friday, February 2, 2018

Bliss here on Earth: A travel that mends a broken heart

My three world of wonder.
Is it really possible to move on by literally moving to another place?

Traveling gives me a lot of memories. Some are happy and some are painful, but both are worth remembering. It also provides me with an opportunity to create great anecdotes worth sharing.

To be honest, I had never cared much about traveling before. I would rather stay at home, work on my computer, and write about things in my notebook. But recently, I have been hoping for a change.

One big reason why, at one point in my life, I came to hate traveling was that it reminded me of the hurtful experiences in the past, specifically of my daily three-hour trips with him. These trips were something that I used to look forward to -- they were moments of pure joy. Now traveling to me is like walking down memory lane: a flashback of our warm hands intertwined and of hugs, we shared over a long bus ride, our conversations and waves of laughter, and the one goodbye which ended it all. At one moment while we were still together, I thought that maybe he would be the one man whom I would take care of my entire life. However, we came to an end.

My life won't stop just because someone left me in the middle of my journey. I can't hate traveling forever -- it's like denying myself the opportunity to live. Traveling is more than just a whirlwind of fun experiences. In the same way, life is also a fun journey, full of exciting experiences and wonderful adventures. I know that I must continue to travel because maybe along the way, I'll find the one who'll accompany me on all my future travels.

Does it really matter that I have someone to go with to different places just to enjoy it?

I had gone on a lot of vacation travels and short trips with friends en before I had a love life. Maybe what happened was a different kind of happiness when I was with him; there was a thrill that I had never felt before. May it was feeling fulfilled that I got to travel with someone that I wanted to be with throughout my life's journey. I felt comfort when I knew there was someone who was as carefree as I was at every place that we traveled. Lastly, I realized that love was as much a need as a gift of life.

But sometimes, the best travel is when I am alone, which often allows me to see more places and to meet more people. To continue to be alive, I have to live. To experience to be brave, I have to embrace what life may bring. and to explore to be strong, I have to accept what circumstances may have to offer. That's what I did after the break.

For me, a good traveler is one who knows how to travel with the mind. That's why I consider traveling as moments in life where I can go back into the domain of enjoying experiences and leaving my worries of the world behind. Life is something that can't be measured by how long I live but rather how grateful I become. I'm not chained to enjoy the best things of a place because I set my own rules without worrying about what will happen to me. And when I travel alone, I realize how big the world is, taking me beyond the neat corners of my life, I can leave any painful memories and broken promises, even forget them, once I meet people from different places and with different perspectives.

Taking a trip can't fully and instantly heal a heart, but it mends every torn piece as I continue to explore the world -- and as I continue to feel, to create, to express, to sense, to inspire and be inspired, to love and be loved. I don't have to limit myself -- travel, move on and see more of life!

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