Thursday, November 16, 2017

Why the Philippines is worth traveling to

The Philippines is worth traveling to because of its beauty. Composed of 7,641 islands sprawling in the archipelago, it has so many mind-blowing attractions to offer. In fact, many of the islands are unnamed, uninhabited and waiting to be discovered, with pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls, mysterious mountain ranges, colonial-era architectures, rich culture, joyful people and diverse wildlife. Traveling to the Philippines is a total bliss. So whether you are a beach bum, an adventure seeker, a mountaineer, a Philomath of culture, an explorer, a discoverer, or a wanderer, you will surely find something to love here.
The longest underground river in the world, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, a world UNESCO Heritage site, was proclaimed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World,
The Philippines is worth traveling to because of its people. Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable, highly-relational and friendliest people in the world. Filipinos always put the comfort of their guests before their own. Filipinos make people feel welcome. Caring ways are very apparent, thus is nurturing the spirit. It is innate for every Filipino to show their smile on their faces. Their waves of laughter are unfathomable. Their happiness is contagious. As a result, Filipino themselves can be considered as one of the Philippines' tourist attractions.
The old, preserved town of Vigan City, Ilocos Norte that was hailed as one of the new Wonder Cities of the World by New7Wonders Foundation. Image by Gretchen Dublin Filart of Filipina Explorer.
The Philippines is worth traveling to because it is worth protecting and conserving. The Philippines is one of the world's biodiversity hotspot. Thousands of species of plants and animals are endemic, many of which are currently endangered. Due to this, efforts to conserve these species are being made by the government and other NGOs. Ecotourism, which aims to rehabilitate and preserve the natural environment and wildlife while promoting the area as a tourist destination, is increasing its popularity in the Philippines. An example of this is Masungi Georeserve in Tanay, Rizal. Visiting these ecotourist attractions is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to visit the area, plus you get to contribute to the protection of the area.
The famed, gigantic hammock at Masungi Georeserve in Tanay, Rizal. Image by Gretchen Dublin Filart by Filipina Explorer.
The Philippines is worth traveling to because it makes us appreciate our differences and similarities with other people. The Philippines has many ethnolinguistic groups. Aside from different dialects, these groups of people also have different folkways, cuisines, traditions, and culture. For example, Cebuanos have a different set of culture and beliefs with Kapampangan and Ilocanos. However, despite the differences, they are all the same. They are Filipinos. We are all Filipinos, who have the same sentiments and a common goal, and that is to make our country better.
Local cultural performers showing their Pangalay dance accompanied by kulintang song. Taken at The Great Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga City during the Summer Fiesta Festival.
The Philippines is worth traveling to because we are Filipinos. The Philippines is part of who we are. It is our mind, our heart, our lungs, our blood that runs through our veins. We need to embrace the fact that we need to know the Philippines to understand ourselves better. Everywhere in the country, there's a trace of our root waiting to be ascertained by us.


  1. "The Philippines is worth traveling to because of its people." Indeed!

  2. The Philippines is worth traveling to because it composed 7,641 interesting islands with different cultures, languages, foods, history, facts and collections having unique characteristic and identity that are still waiting to explore and share to other people all over the world.