Greetings from Utopian Wanderer Bloggers!
Way to Mt. Pinatubo.
Our blog started out with two individuals who share the same passion for traveling. And as we travel, we become more exposed to the difficult situation of some of our fellow kababayan.
Many local children in our travel destinations had to work as tour guides especially during the summer to earn money for their school supplies. While touring a complete stranger is not easy for kids their age. They also have to go through difficult terrains which can be completely dangerous for them. These may not be considered as child cruelty because many of these children do it voluntarily, it still hurts to know that these children had to work in order to afford basic things such as school supplies.
In line with this dilemma, Utopian Wanderer decided to launch a community project to distribute school supplies, slippers and hold a feeding program to the children of our chosen local community. Traveling gives us a different kind of happiness and we believe that it is our duty to give back that. Our advocacy is to share happiness with locals in every place we will be visiting. We will also be conducting seminars regarding environmental protection with the locals. This is another one of our advocacy.
This 29th of April in the year of our Lord 2017, the bloggers behind Utopian Wanderer will hold an outreach program and community service in Mt. Pinatubo with an estimated beneficiaries of 150-200 grade schooler, young locals (Aetas).
We are writing this to humbly ask for help from your generous heart for your sponsorship specifically for school supplies in kind (500 pencil, 500 ball pen, 500 notebook, 500 paper, 250 eraser, 250 crayons, and reading materials), 250 pair of slippers, and fruit juices and ingredients for foods (spaghetti and pancit) which will be distributed to our selected communities. Any donation within your capacity is highly appreciated. We are looking forward to working with you in making this project a success.
Sensing that you are one with us in terms of our advocacy in helping these young people, we are expressing our desire to have you and your generous heart as our partner in this worthy endeavor. Your positive response on this matter shall be greatly appreciated by the Utopian Wanderer Bloggers.
We are very much looking forward to work hand in hand with you in this exertion. Together, let us create a better world one child, one community at a time.
Thank you very much! That in all things, God may always be glorified.
P.S. To those who are willing to share their blessings, you can contact  Allandale M. Antenero  at 09273496370 and Paulyn B. Hayahay at 09772005212.
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  1. Milton Coyne June 1, 2017

    I admire people like you who travel to far-off places not just for enjoyment but also for a great cause.. I was lucky enough to be part of a recently concluded outreach program in Buscalan organized by a travel group and I just can’t explain the joy seeing those kids and their smile after receiving their school supplies… I just hope you and the rest will continue such advocacy

  2. Great job in doing this! There’s really a lot more to travelling and I believe that. This initiative is very inspiring. Hope my blog can work with you on similar projects like this .

  3. Carola June 1, 2017

    You’re doing such great work! It’s amazing. Incredible that you care so much for these children. And are trying to help them. I hope your project wil be a huge success! Good luck!

  4. Maria June 6, 2017

    In some point, we have to give back what the universe and G gave us. Right? Well, in relation to what you want to do, I also try to donate my preloved stuff to those who need it. I just hope you succeed in your endeavors and I cannot wait for the blog post or the story you will share about it. Good luck!


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