Tuesday, February 5, 2019

With the hope of a clean Manila Bay

Manila Bay Sunset. Disclaimer: This is not the part of Manila Bay that is newly cleaned. Photo courtesy to Marboy Sayno.

On the 23rd of January this year, I visited the side of Manila Bay that faced westward as time hit six in the evening. Locally known as "The Baywalk", it stretches from the US Embassy to the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Despite the foul smell that the breeze brings, it is a popular go-to site for students, couples, or lonely hearts. The source of this reeking scent is from a decade's carelessness. The waste that dances with the waves as the water crash-es on the rocky face carry with it various microbes that could have detrimental effects on human health. For that part of Manila Bay, it is highly recommended that you do not go skinny dipping or swimming.

12 Agri-tourism sites to visit in CALABARZON

Harvesting crisp, green, organic lettuce at Costales Nature Farms.

When I travel to a province, it's typical for me to get more excited visiting an agri-tourism site--for I have a huge fascination with both agriculture and tourism--than to see crowded tourist attractions. My love for agriculture is unfathomable because I truly believe that the future of the Philippines is in this sector--it is the backbone of the economy. Tourism, on the other hand, is the heart of the country that continuously gives pride, honor, and glory.

Incorporating these two significant sectors into one, I thought, is a great idea for it creates a platform to integrate agri-tourism sites to lure more tourist and help boost farmer's income. I suppose there are many regions in the Philippines, including Region IV-A, that promote visiting this kind of diversion. So I went on a three-day farm tour in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon to experience farm life in different agri-tourism sites.
Friday, February 1, 2019

Between Gaia, 'A Planet for Goldilocks' at the National Planetarium Manila

The Gaia is a wondrous reality.
Gaia, as beautiful as it is vast, hosts a plethora of heavenly bodies and cosmic phenomena. Ranging from the serene pale moon that watches over us during the night to the distant cataclysmic last breath of a dying star, Gaia, we can certainly say, holds an aesthetic that begs for appreciation. That's why back in the blistering heat of summer, I convinced myself to visit the National Planetarium in Manila.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Maxx Hotel Makati: A sweet escape within reach

Nature-inspired room of Maxx Hotel Makati. Photo by Mariano Sayno.
Mar was waiting for me in his car for quite some minutes. After I arrived and got his car, we crawled along the monstrous traffic of Manila, passing through several stoplights. Slow down. Stop. Go. Slow down. Stop. Go. This went on for a while as we drove our way to Intramuros to meet a friend for project collaboration.
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts: A private, exclusive stay at Casa Primera Villa 4

During daytime, this is Casa Primera Villa 4. Photo captured by Jherson Jaya of  Lonely Travelogue.

Pansol is a community well-known for its hot springs. Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts, situated at the foot of Mount Makiling and bordered by the municipalities of Los Baños and Calamba, is a family-owned hot spring resort that offers four minimalist but capacious villas. Each villa is separate from each other, providing a private and exclusive experience to enjoy. As of now, only four villas are operating. There are two more soon-to-open villas, and these two are named Casa Tropica Villa 1 and 2, respectively.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Visa Guide: How to get Armenian Visa on arrival

Sevan Church overlooking Sevan Lake.
Filipino tourists can get Armenian Visa upon airport arrival. This guide lets you know how to process your visa on arrival.

Armenia is a country famed for century-old wine, numerous world UNESCO heritage sites, and being the oldest Catholic nation in the world. The historical contributions to the world of Armenian people, the spiritual influence to Catholicism, and the cultural significance it has shared to humanity make it a remarkably fascinating spot (to visit) to many travelers around the world. I recently got off on a trip to Armenia to see the charming beauty and ancient culture of the country. I was so delighted to know that Filipinos can get Armenian Visa upon arrival at Zvartnos International Airport in Yerevan.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Eight reasons why you should travel

Fishermen are boating in the sea of Zamboanga City.

Aside from the pure joy it brings, traveling can change you radically. Your perception of the world can be greatly transformed you, allowing yourself to follow your inner wanderlust soul. Thus, listed down eight reasons why you should travel.