Monday, May 6, 2019

A popular yet uncrowded Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort: Where nature meets adventure.
For those who like fun-filled activities like obstacle courses and nature games, I have just the perfect place - the popular yet uncrowded destination, Mountain Lake Resort. Situated at the famous Caliraya Lake, it ranks as the go-to resort of Cavinti, Laguna. Surrounded by the body of water, this 300-hectare getaway makes you rethink all the activities you have in mind after seeing all the things you can do - be it extreme or chill. This is a place where you can go back to the domain of life, and to contemplate and relax while you enjoy an exciting adventure with nature.
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Legend Palawan celebrates 20, launches new product

The Legend Palawan celebrates its 20 years of unprecedented Filipino hospitality.
Another year, another gratitude to rejoice. One of Palawan's preeminent hospitality industries and a pioneer in Puerto Princesa's tourism recently marked its 20th founding anniversary with executives celebration and a thanksgiving lunch for specials guests who, through the years, have patronized the unprecedented Filipino hospitality of The Legend Palawan. The Legend Palawan serves tourists - both domestic and global - not only in providing quality hospitality services, but also in promoting Palawan as a world-class destination. Correspondingly, the kind gesture of the hotel, as a market leader, to sell the destination in the world has shared significant contributions both to the hospitality and tourism of the province.
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

6 uncrowded attractions you should visit in Calayan Island

The scenic view of lighthouse in Nagundungan Hills.

If you are an adventurous traveler, then you are probably familiar with the secluded Calayan Island. Located at the northernmost part of Luzon, this island is not easy to reach and set foot on. With a six to eight-hour boat ride through the Balintang Channel of the Pacific Ocean from Aparri, Claveria, and Port San Vicente in Sta. Ana, you have to take the lampitaw, making Calayan Island an uncrowded, remote, and partly unexplored destination. Because it is not yet a touristy place, the island has maintained its beauty - pure, raw, and natural. From the whispers of the wind in the Nagundungan rolling hills, to the murmur of the cascading Caanawan waterfalls, to the sound of silence of Lusok cave, and to the strikes of waves on the tropical shores of Sibang cove, your dilemma will be which of these places you will want to visit first. If you are dreaming of an uncrowded vacation and don't know where to go, then look no further because I have come up with my picks for the 6 uncrowded attractions in Calayan Island.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Great Sta. Cruz Island: Zamboanga City's beautiful secret

PINK BEACH. The Great Sta. Cruz Island is one of the pink beaches in the world.

The color pink symbolizes delicateness, sweetness, and tenderness. In gemstones, morganite symbolizes serenity, relaxation, and contentment. In Zamboanga City, there's a place where this color brings so much more than the symbolism that people give. An island where tenderness is written in the sand and relaxation meets the beauty of the summer sky. It is a secret that has been revealed to a few but ready to show its softness to many and to bestow its charm to everyone--for a whole new world to see.
Friday, March 8, 2019

Photoworld Asia: Envisioning the world and future through photographs

Photoworld Asia 2019 kicks off its week-long event with photo exhibit at Glorietta Ayala Malls in Makati on January 31, 2019. Photo credits to Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.

Diversity, culture, and beauty in all its forms--in a long panoramic shot.

Wouldn't that be worthy of a closer look?

These seconds of closer looks eventually may turn into days of amusement and delight as the greatest places and stories come to life in a span of a week. During this time, a panorama has been brought to life as the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation enthusiastically presents Photoworld Asia.
Sunday, February 24, 2019

Through the eyes of an art enthusiast in the National Art Gallery Manila

The National Museum of the Philippines.

I was charmed with visual art as a kid. With my enormous gratitude to art growing up, I got myself into doing art as well. It helped me express what I was truly feeling inside, and it served as one of my forms of therapy after an exhausting week. However, after high school, I moved on from visual art and turned my head towards creative writing--first poetry, and now travel writing. Because the inner child in me is still enthusiastic about visual art, I visited art museums in Manila in order to go back to what I once loved to do.
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

With the hope of a clean Manila Bay

Manila Bay Sunset. Disclaimer: This is not the part of Manila Bay that is newly cleaned. Photo courtesy to Marboy Sayno.

On the 23rd of January this year, I visited the side of Manila Bay that faced westward as time hit six in the evening. Locally known as "The Baywalk", it stretches from the US Embassy to the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Despite the foul smell that the breeze brings, it is a popular go-to site for students, couples, or lonely hearts. The source of this reeking scent is from a decade's carelessness. The waste that dances with the waves as the water crash-es on the rocky face carry with it various microbes that could have detrimental effects on human health. For that part of Manila Bay, it is highly recommended that you do not go skinny dipping or swimming.